How to Avoid a DUI on Memorial Day CHEAT SHEET:


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With Memorial Day coming up law enforcement in Charleston are likely preparing to set up checkpoints to help identify and arrest people driving under the influence. Follow these tips to help minimize your chances for an arrest this Memorial Day weekend!

  1. Have a designated driver. If you plan to drink during Memorial Day weekend, it is smart to have a ride arranged beforehand. Have a plan for a designated driver or use public transportation.
  2. Make sure your phone is charged. Charge phone before going out so you will have no issues calling a rideshare service such as Uber or Lyft. These rideshare apps can be expensive especially on holidays, but they are a lot cheaper than a DUI.
  3. Keep track of your drinks and know your limits. Keeping track of the amount of drinks you’re consuming throughout the night and knowing your limit is a great way to gauge if you are okay to drive.
  4. Arrange an overnight stay with your host. If you attend a party Memorial Day weekend and are unable to arrange transportation, ask your host if you can stay overnight to avoid driving under the influence.


We hope you have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend, but we are here to help if you happen to find yourself dealing with a DUI. Should you have any questions regarding a Legal Matter, please do not hesitate to contact Us:





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